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Stepping back to move foward: Develop your full potential with TLEX®

Develop your full potential with TLEX®: Learn how to handle uncertainty, complexity, multiple demands, challenging relationships to colleagues and clients and high stress with ease, focus, relaxedness and full confidence.

TLEX® stands for Transformational Leadership for Excellence and offers trainings for the development of self-management qualities, so-called soft skills, which are much needed in times of high demand and stress. Self-Management is the foundation for good and successful leadership and team development.

We offer our TLEX® trainings for CEOs and senior managers in many places around the world.  By clicking on the course you are interested in, you will be redirected to more detailed information about the seminar.

TLEX® Trainings work on 3 levels:



Self-management under stress, increased resilience and the ability to mentally detach and recharge at the end of the day.




Being able to foster trust and connectedness within teams to enhance collective performance.



Mastery of Possibilities.

Cultivating vision and inspiration to maximize possibilities for growth in times of change.



Germany - 8th to 11th March, 2018

The TLEX Silence Retreat for Professionals in Germany will be held from the 8th to 11th March, 2018. To express your interest and to find out more, please contact Mira Fels under or Heidi Gutschmidt under +49 8031.90109–0









What our participants say

  • This has been an amazing experience. It will definitely influence how I am going to live the rest of my life. I see a lot of positive change in the people around after doing this program.
    Director, Human Resource Maersk International
  • The workshop has helped to improve the work environment, teamwork and productivity, and reduce stress. Our investment of time has been well worth the returns from the program.
    Vice President, The World Bank, USA
  • I had to find, that the techniques taught in the TLEX training help us
    1. to handle high stress better, e.g. in customer support
    2. to behave better and more sensitive in a multinational environment
    3. to accept people as they are, no matter how different they are from ourselves.
    Customer Support Manager, Hewlett-Packard, Croatia
  • This workshop has changed my perception towards life. It has been enlightening, refreshing and enriching.
    Financial Controller of Shangri La Hotels, Singapore
  • An extraordinary experience, that allows one, to better oneself and take decisions with more clarity.
    Marketing Manager, General Electric, Germany


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