What our participants say

What our participants say
I had to find, that the techniques taught in the TLEX training help us
1. to handle high stress better, e.g. in customer support
2. to behave better and more sensitive in a multinational environment
3. to accept people as they are, no matter how different they are from ourselves.
In his current role as CEO of TLEX U.S., Johann has grown TLEX nationwide and into leading institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining TLEX, Johann scaled boutique triple bottom line and social sector companies from concept to high-impact with a special focus on: innovative and disruptive wellness, leadership, innovation initiatives with project being mentioned in Harvard Business Review, New York Times, and Wharton Journal. Johann has participated as a speaker / facilitator at: TEDx London, Stanford Center for Compassion, Harvard Executive MBA Alumni Summit, Wharton School of Business, UC Berkeley’s Leadership Symposium, Yale School of Management, Impact Investor Sustainatopia Conference, GE HealthCare’s Health Ahead Summit Paris, and Dartmouth on Purpose. Johann holds a B.A. in Business from MUM International with a focus on sustainability.