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Impacting Organizations and Individuals Around the Globe


Impact on Individual
90% of participants agreed that TLEX techniques
increase their ability to stay calm in difficult situations.
86% of participants said that TLEX Program
would be a useful addition to their training curriculum
Impact on Individual
93% of participants agreed that TLEX techniques
will have a positive impact on my working day
83% of participants attested to the fact that TLEX techniques
increase ability to stay focused on job at hand
social impact:
87% of participants agreed that after TLEX they feel
enhanced social connectedness with other participants
85% of participants agreed that TLEX techniques
increase ability to listen to and accept multiple perspectives
organizational impact:
90% of participants felt
enabled to model change and envision better
After TLEX, 96% of participants
had a better understanding of the blockers of innovation
* : % of participants agree and/or strongly agree
1258 participants from 70 programs were chosen as respondents. Companies included: AL Rajhi Capital, American Express, Abbott, Accenture, AIESEC, BCG, Beiersdorf, BSL, Canada, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Educomp, Frontier, GE, Healthcare, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, Ministerie, MIT Sloan, Plinovodi, Samba, Shell, Star Diviion LTD, Supercell, Technip, Swiss Tennis, TLS, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Verivox, The World Bank, World Vision, Yale University, Beach, Capital One, Wharton, World Health Organization


Fortune 10 Global Diversified Company

Diversified company seeks to foster greater resiliency, clarify, creativity and inclusiveness.


Over 90% of participants believed the TLEX program would positively impact long-term work performance levels and achieved the organization’s objectives

Leading Financial Services Company

Financial services company wishes to improve the well-being of its employees while enhancing their effectiveness.


TLEX helped employees achieve a more calm state of mind, improve factors that lead to better team dynamics. 100% of participants felt improvement across a number of productivity drivers.


Top Tech Company — Women’s Network

Leading technology company’s women’s network seeks to improve personal effectiveness while learning to maintain a better balanced life.


85% of respondents believed the TLEX program helped them improve their ability to stay calm in difficult situations.

Vault Top 10 Management Consulting Company

Consulting company wants to help its employees manage stress, enhance awareness, and improve performance.


Over 90% of participants believed the TLEX program increased their self-awareness.


Top 10 Global Oil Company

Oil company wants to enhance wellness and foster innovation.


Over 90% of participants believed the TLEX program improved their well-being and enabled a culture of creativity.

Quotes from Project Sponsors

  • This was the best intervention that we had in the last 10 years. It has truly inspired our employees. Already a distinct shift to more responsibilty and committment has happened in the organisation.
    CEO, Makro Mediendienst, Germany
  • The coaching sessions and workshops with TLEX had a huge positive impact on the team. We began the year with uncertainty, with changes in the team and working in silos. We are now working closely together, there’s collaboration, team spirit and a shared vision. Most of all, there’s understanding and willingness to work together as a team.
    Project Manager, Supercell Finland
  • TLEX led multiple sessions for our teams, customizing each of them so that each group was able to really understand the material and have fun doing it.
    CEO at Emerge USA
  • This program was beautifully organized, well conducted and truly had the WOW effect on all the participants. We feel a wave of trust, and connectedness amongst the participants right after the course.
    VP, Shared Services at American Express USA
  • Our senior leadership team came in for the first session with varying perceptions & expectations but were unanimous in their appreciation on conclusion of the program.
    CEO, Educomp Solutions Ltd. India
  • This has been an amazing experience. I see a lot of positive change in the people around after doing this program.
    Director, Human Resource Maersk International, Dubai