Designing the Future of Humans at Work
Transformational Leaders Summits to envision and design the future of work.

VIRTUAL SUMMIT - August 18, 2020, 11am - 4pm EST


Philadelphia • September 20th, 2019


A space for C-suite, executive and senior leaders across industries to reflect and connect around the future of humans at work

The global pandemic, looming economic downturn, and public outcry for justice and human rights are posing serious adaptive challenges for leaders across industries and sectors. The clean lines between family and work life are blurring. Employees’ health and wellbeing are clearly tied to their creativity and productivity. We are paying more attention to ensure essential workers are treated with dignity and are able to stay healthy. And as we settle into the “new normal,” we may be asking whether what we are educating and training ourselves for matches what the future will demand of us. 

How might this moment – with all the challenges it presents – be an opportunity for us to transform work, so that what work is, who it is for, and how work happens can center human thriving?

The Future of Humans at Work Summit creates space for C-Suite, executive, and senior leaders to step back and connect across our perspectives and priorities, to explore: 

  • Work in the context of living
  • Dignity and equity through work
  • Showing up for the moment

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Our 2019 Philadelphia Summit included:

C-Suite and senior executives and innovators across talent, technology, information and data, human resources, health and education.

What will happen during the Summit?

During the Virtual Summit, industry leaders will:

  • Expand perspectives through inspiring peer-led talks and spotlights on innovations
  • Build new relationships and a sense of shared purpose across traditional boundaries of sector, industry, and role, through small group breakouts and participatory processes
  • Make meaning and apply insights to their current challenges and opportunities through debriefing conversations

This is a mindful Summit, so there will be moments for meditation and reflection. The Summit is a place for learning, and breakout conversations will be kept confidential unless permission is granted. 

Summit Themes

Explore cross-cutting edge ideas and gain perspective across industries and roles

Work in the Context of Living:

How can we design work culture and structures to care for the full human being as a core design principle?

Dignity and Equity through Work

How can we design work and establish priorities around human dignity and equity of opportunity?

Showing Up for the Moment:

How can we as individuals and as organizations show up fully in this moment of possibility and transformation?

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About the TLEX Institute

As a leader in the field of transformational leadership, TLEX Institute has worked with Fortune 100 companies like American Express, Accenture, Intuit, Supercell, Coca-Cola, and GE Healthcare. TLEX Institute has previously hosted forums with partners like the World Forum for Ethics in Business, the United Nations, European Parliament, Max Planck Institute, FIFA, and the Global Leadership Forum at the World Culture Festival. 

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