Designing the Future of Humans at Work
Transformational Leaders Summits to envision and design the future of work.

San Francisco Bay Area • May 1, 2020


Philadelphia • September 20th, 2019


A space for leaders across industries to reflect and connect around the future of humans at work

As the digital revolution speeds us into an increasingly uncertain future, leaders across industries are grappling with how to transform their companies for a future that is fundamentally different from our present. Leaders may be forecasting, testing and adapting, yet may not be connecting the dots across talent, technology, information and data, and human resources. This Summit is creating space for leaders to step back, connect, and co-create a future that works for humans.

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Our 2019 Philadelphia Summit included:

Participants include C-Suite and senior executives and innovators across talent, technology, information and data, human resources, health and education.

What will happen during the Summit?

During the Summit, C-suite and senior executives will expand their perspectives through inspiring peer-led talks and spotlights on innovations.

Through small group conversations, case studies and participatory processes, attendees will be invited to apply and make meaning of new perspectives to their current challenges and emerging opportunities.

There will be structured and unstructured networking throughout the day, including time for play, mindfulness, and meaningful social connection. The Summit is not a sales or marketing event, and conversations will be kept confidential unless permission is granted.

Summit Themes

Explore cross-cutting edge ideas and gain perspective across industries and roles


Future Leaders and Skills

How can we prepare people to harness both technology and human potential in the digital age?


Ethics of Innovation

How can we center ethics into how we design a new era of human-technology collaboration?


Social Impact Design

How can we solve fundamental social or environmental challenges through how we design for the future of work


Design for Diversity

How can we leverage diversity in experience and equity of opportunity to forecast and meet the needs and opportunities of the future?

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About the TLEX Institute

As a leader in the field of transformational leadership, TLEX Institute has worked with Fortune 100 companies like American Express, Accenture, Intuit, Supercell, Coca-Cola, and GE Healthcare.  

TLEX Institute has previously hosted forums with partners like the World Forum for Ethics in Business, the United Nations, European Parliament, Max Planck Institute, FIFA, and the Global Leadership Forum at the World Culture Festival.

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