TLEX Mind Matters

Ignite customer obsession within your organization

MindMatters can help your team (up to 50 people) increase positivity and decrease stress through a mix of tools, techniques and discussions, including:

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  • Three restorative tools that will help participants reduce stress and calm their minds, as well as increase energy, focus and positivity.
  • Tendencies of the mind discussion that will help participants broaden their perspectives when dealing with stressful situations and interactions with customers, clients and colleagues.
  • Stress management discussion that will help participants decrease stress, improve resilience and increase stamina.
  • Mind management and breath discussion that will help participants understand the dynamics of breath and how it can be used to manage our minds and emotions and build energy.

Ultimately, your team will gain techniques that can help to better connect with customers with a clearer, calmer and more focused state of mind.

Learn how MindMatters can help boost employee and customer satisfaction.

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TLEX Institute has facilitated trainings and talks to nearly 30,000 employees in over 30 countries for more than 200 organizations, including the following:

What People are Saying About MindMatters

  • "Loved this session. The techniques will benefit me not only professionally but personally as well."

Keep the improvements coming with MyBrainSolutions

MyBrainSolutions is a scientifically-based platform and mobile app that provides many of the trainings and tools you’ll gain from MindMatters in a digital format. Your team will be able to continue to measure and track their progress, and ultimately, improve brain capacity and increase positivity.

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Maintain high levels of energy and positivity to engage and persuade each and every customer.

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Gain the clarity of mind to spot opportunities, know when to move and improve decision-making along the way.

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Bounce back more quickly from rejection and stay focused on the ultimate goal of more sales.

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