Open TLEX Mind Matters for Agility and Resilience

The Challenge
Today’s world is complex, demanding and constantly changing. The possibility of rapid change and communication not only opens up new opportunities, but also leads to higher performance demands and a growing workload. Information and communication technologies allow the overcoming of spatial separation, resulting in accessibility around the clock and in every location.

What can be done when high potential individuals need to continue to perform at top speed and under challenging, ever-changing circumstances? How can they uphold a high level of performance and at the same time stay calm, relaxed and focused?

The TLEX Mind Matters for Agility and Resilience program includes self-management and mind-management. At the heart of the program are hands-on exercises on mind-management, a set of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises as well as the trademarked SKY technique.

DATES 2020-2021

✓ Next courses in Switzerland


✓ March 20-21 in The Netherlands


✓ Next courses online


Contents of TLEX Mind Matters Program

 The Mind Matters program was developed to increase well-being and self-efficacy in everyday life and to practice the skills to tackle challenges with focus, courage and energy.

Work Life Integration: Quality vs quantity of time. Learn to be more present and thus be able to use and enjoy time better.
Objective: To use time at work and time at home more effectively.

Presence in Management: The state of mind is central to personal success and good relationships.
Objective: To understand the importance of the state of mind and its impact on performance and relationships in the workplace.

Mindfulness Techniques: Scientifically proven breathing and relaxation exercises. The focus is on the SKY technique, a guided 10 min breathing technique that brings deep relaxation and calmness.
Objective: To release stress and achieve relaxed alertness (FLOW state)

Mind-friendly working structures: Techniques for improved time management and increased productivity at the workplace.
Objective: Understand how work structures affects performance and make necessary adjustments.


  • Increased Resilience: Staying calm, relaxed and focused in challenging situations.
  • Heightened Agility: Being able to keep moving and performing while stepping back to identify dynamic needs and opportunities during times of complexity and change.
  • Strengthening personal presence and leadership qualities

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