TLEX Self Leadership Program for Women 

The Challenge

While the world is evolving, women are still lagging when it comes to leadership roles. Despite being strong, smart, technically competent and emotionally valiant, there is a broad spectrum of challenges women face at the workplace. Some of which are, the lack of role models to overcome gender bias in the system, fear of being ostracized for speaking up, building strong alliances with male members of the team, finding support from a network of women. Many women also hold an intense fear of failure especially if surrounded by sceptics. They let negative thoughts take control of their actions and shrink one’s ambitions and accomplishments to appear non-intimidating to team members.

The Solution

While women’s behaviour and tendencies are often a reflection of the system, it is important not to be a victim of the system and at the same time realize that the first step to the growth one seeks, is within. The power we seek on the outside mostly lies within us. As the famous saying goes, the changes we make on the inside become outer reality.

What is Self Leadership?

Self-leadership is the ability to lead oneself. It is the skill to handle one’s thoughts and emotions to meet ones goals and not shrink back from fear or other challenges. Its a keen sense of self-awareness of ones presence, capabilities, and ambitions. Its a set of soft skills needed to plan, stay the course and achieve through continual focus. At the heart of any great leader is an inspiring person. This ability to inspire others to greater heights comes from the ability to manage oneself.

TLEX Institute Methodology

TLEX trainers always follow the 3-step approach to adult learning:

1.    Raising awareness for the current state of being.

2.    Teaching powerful tools for impact.

3.    Team challenges and partnerships to master the transfer into everyday work life.

The TLEX program consists of a diverse blend of tools, techniques and experiential processes, which helps the participant to know themselves better and find out what to improve and how to reach the desired goal. Through self-checks, open discussions, group processes, mindfulness and breathing exercises as well as practical tips on personal development, participants will get a toolkit to be the leader they want to be.

DATES 2019

✓ June 1-2 2019 in Cologne, Germany


Program and Content overview

Self-leadership through Mindfulness is a TLEX program designed for women to increase their leadership potential in the context of change, challenges, and complexity that mark the fourth industrial revolution.


•    ✔️Speed-Calm-Flexibility: Leadership skills in the Digital Era             

•    ✔️Possible or Impossible?: Leading in a world of uncertainty                     

•    ✔️From reactive to creative: Multiplying your Impact              

•    ✔️Self-CheckIncreasing knowledge about myself and others                    

•    ✔️Self-AwarenessIncreasing presence and awareness through Mindfulness

•    ✔️Stakeholder Management: Assessing my most important stakeholder

•    ✔️Mechanism of Trust: Creating a solid basis of trust

•    ✔️Dreaming bigVisualization of my personal and professional journey

•    ✔️21-Day Challenge: Enabling sustainable implementation of my most important goals

Program takeaways

✔️Building a strong and confident presence

✔️Handling stress and fear

✔️Increasing personal effectiveness

✔️Understanding different types of people and learning how to communicate and inspire them effectively

✔️Learning how to create trust and commitment in the team

Our Trainers

Maria Lorenz


Uma Muthuraaman



Contact us

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