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TLEX Institute Open Enrollment Spring 2020

In this moment of stress and uncertainty, we are acutely aware of what is at stake – for ourselves, our families, our organizations and communities. We may feel fragmented, stressed or overwhelmed. Now is a time to create space for ourselves, to learn ways to restore, find balance and feel whole again.

To this end, TLEX is offering a suite of pro-bono virtual restorative sessions and programs for leaders and employees at all levels. We’re also offering our flagship TLEX Summit Retreat featuring the science-backed, breathing and meditation based, SKY Technique, virtually and at a reduced fee both for individuals and teams. We’re also sharing a free three-month access to Total Brain, our digital app partner, for their assessments, brain trainings and our restorative tools. 

Our hope is that with our restorative approaches and wisdom reframes we will be much more capable of responding to the moment and feel more connected, calm and aware in the midst of challenges. If you are interested in sessions or programs for your company or employer, please contact:

Mind Matters in Challenging Times - 4 Week Series

Jump into our special, complimentary four-week series where we cover different aspects of managing stress, the mind and our energy. Each session features learnings and wisdom reframes to help navigate these times, a restorative technique and a guided meditation. Every participant will also receive digital tools in follow-up. 

The four week series features the following sessions:


Energy & Uplifting
the Mind

Mon, 4/20 @ 5pm EST

Wed, 4/22 @ 12pm EST

Digital Detox with Subtle
Chair Yoga & Meditation

Mon, 4/27 @ 5pm EST

Wed, 4/29 @ 12pm EST

Leadership Agility in
Times of Change

Mon, 5/4 @ 5pm EST
Wed, 5/6 @ 12pm EST

Keys to Cultivating
Mental Hygiene

Mon, 5/11 @ 5pm EST

Wed, 5/12 @ 12pm EST

Increase awareness of the sources of energy, and its relationship to states of mind. Experience of an energizing breathing technique and guided meditation.

Give your senses a break from increased screen time with a rejuvenating and refreshing sequence of the head and shoulders that you can do sitting in a chair. Decompress with a guided meditation and learn tips to minimize the digital toll.

Learn perspectives and tools for greater leadership agility and equilibrium to navigate and lead whether at home or work during times of change and uncertainty. 

With in an influx of change and information, mental hygiene is just as important as hand hygiene. Explore key approaches and tools to increase awareness and energy and minimize stress.

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Mind Matters for Teams

TLEX is offering complimentary, private one-hour Mind Matters programs to company employees and teams until April 30, 2020. You could schedule one for just your team or make it available to your employee base. Similar to the four week series, the stand alone one-hour Mind Matters for teams includes a restorative technique and guided meditation and a discussion on mitigating stress, managing one’s mind.

Virtual TLEX Summit Retreat

Conducted at multiple companies across the globe, including American Express, Microsoft and Coca-Cola, TLEX’s flagship TLEX Summit program will be available soon virtually at a reduced fee. In this immersive program, you will learn the powerful SKY breathing technique and mindfulness tools to boost your immune system, and stay happy and healthy during this period of complexity and change.

The virtual TLEX Summit Retreat will be available as an Open Enrollment where individuals and employees from any and all companies can join. Employers can also opt for a Private Enrollment TLEX Summit, designed for employees or teams at one company.

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Total Brain

TLEX’s digital partner, Total Brain, a mental health and wellness platform offering monitoring and support, is offering a free three-month trial of their platform to both individuals and companies. This will include the assessments, brain training and TLEX’s mind-body restorative tools and techniques. If you would like to partake in this free trial personally, for your employee base or team, visit:

About TLEX Institute

Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) Institute offers experiential programs with integrated frameworks and validated meditation and breathing techniques, so that employees can perform under high complexity and demand with greater clarity, connection, and with a service mindset. TLEX has offered programming reaching nearly 200,000 participants and 200 organizational clients in 30 countries across the globe, including leading Fortune 100 companies, government institutions, and top business schools, including the World Bank, Harvard Business School, State Department, MIT Sloane, Amazon, Google and American Express.

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